Language Arts Anchor Charts

Hello, everyone! After spending the past week drowning in all things anchor chart, we are ending today with some of my favorites from around the web: language arts and figurative language anchor charts {with a few really cool posters thrown into to inspire you}.

Stay tuned, because we will be creating some original anchor charts in the weeks and months ahead.



Homophones via A Year of Many Firsts

Homophone Chart via Reading Fun

Tracking Homophones via Mrs. Kimbrell’s Kindergarten

Synonyms & Antonyms Anchor Charts

Said’s synonyms via Scholastic

Student-created RIP synonym wall via Room 11

ANTonyms via First Grade Fevers

Antonym via First Grade Parade

Antonym Cards {would make a great anchor chart or game} from A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Figurative Language Anchor Charts

Angry Birds take on Figurative Language via Working 4 The Classroom

Daisy Days for Learning‘s Figurative Language Chart

 Figurative Language Use via Life in 4B

Free Figurative Language Posters via The Lesson Cloud


Ontomatopeoia Anchor Chart

Ontomatopeoia Art Chart via Splish Splash Splatter

Oxymoron Anchor Charts

Oxymorons via John Walsh Copy

65+ Oxymoronic Phrases {would be great for a DIY chart!} via Vappingo

Idiom Anchor Charts

Idiom of the Week via Hojo’s Teaching Adventures

 10 Idioms about the Human Body {free download!} @ Vappingo

Idioma via I Teach 2nd

Idioms via Cardigans & Curriculum


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3 Responses to Language Arts Anchor Charts

  1. Tamara says:

    Great posters :-)

  2. Maggie says:

    Great Pins for teaching grammar!! thanks


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