10 Quick Costumes for Imaginary Play

My son picked up a stick. “It’s the letter “L”, he whispered. Today it was an “L”, and yesterday the stick was a sword, wand and bat.

It’s never just a stick. I love his imagination and I’m all about encouraging it.

To help inspire your children’s imaginations, check out these 10 quick costume ideas for imaginary play. Don’t forget to join in on the fun because on some days, it’s nice to pretend you’re someone else.

Prop photo fun from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Cat, dog, bear ears, crowns and more from Alpha Mom {with printable patterns}

Safari vest and binoculars from Creative Juice

Birdwings from Hand made Charlotte

Recycled jet pack from Doodle Bug

Princess hat from Bridgey Widgey

Wizards hat from First Palette

DIY wings from Mommy Blessing

Super hero capes from Jolly Mom

Robot dinosaur box from Amy Flynn Designs via the Anthropology catalog

More Imaginary Play With:



Rock Stars

Water Play

Zoo Animals 

More ideas for imaginary play can be found in our Pretend Play Gallery.


Come pretend with us.  We play nice:

Have a great idea and want to share it? Whether you have a blog or not, we’d love for you to submit an idea here!

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