Edible Turkey Crafts

Has your mother ever told you shouldn’t play with your food? Well, we think she’d make an exception in the name of creativity.

We’ve rounded up the the best edible turkey crafts we could find via the interwebs. These ideas would be great for a Thanksgiving dessert table or class party.

Turkey cake pops from Bakerella

M&M turkey favor from Pink Ink Doodle

Turkey lollipop from Tippy Toes and Tantrums

Healthy turkey fruit snacks from Mom Endeavors

Candy cookie turkey from Seven7H House on the Left

Cheese turkey ball from Taste of Home

Popcorn turkey from One Charming Party

Gum drop turkey from design.wash.rinse.repeat

Turkey cookie from The Decorated Cookie

Turkey sandwich from Meet the Dubiens

Candy cake pop from 365 Days of Cake Pops

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  1. Joey says:

    Thanks so much for including my Turkey Cake Pops! What a fun round-up of yummy treats!

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