Fall Math Center Ideas for 1st and 2nd Grades

Hello teachers and parents! Today, we are sharing fall math center ideas for our first and second graders. Should you have students with special needs who need differentiated learning, we posted math centers for preschool and kindergarten yesterday.

We hope these fall math centers reinvigorate your curriculum.



First Grade Fall Math Centers

Fall Tree Centers with Free Counting Mat Download from Sped-ventures


Turkey addition center from 1st Grade Schoolbox

Symmetrical turkeys from 1st Grade Parade

Thanksgiving shopping from 1st Grade at Last

Turkey trott from Lory’s Page

Grid games from TeachMama

Second Grade Fall Math Centers

Free Fall Graphing Fun via Sassy in Second  

Teaching my 3 Children‘s Fall Math Centers

Fall Leaf Addition Practice via Math Wire {free download}

 2nd Grade Shenanigans’ Massive November Math Center

Thanksgiving Place value via Fern Smith 

Need more fall inspiration? Stop by our fall gallery!

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Happy Fall,

Karen & Nicolette

3 Responses to Fall Math Center Ideas for 1st and 2nd Grades

  1. Kara says:

    This is a great collection – thanks! And thanks especially for featuring my post :)

  2. melissa mayfield says:

    In my classroom pencils are a big issue ( mainly because inevitably one or more students cannot find theirs or claim not to have one ). To combat this problem, on the first day of school, and at least once a month after that, we take the time to attach a lanyard to our pencils that keeps them connected to our desks. I then hand out old disposable ink pen caps ( which I have a collection of in a large pickle jar for just this purpose) and using a small amt. of super glue ( tape can also work but I recommend the glue applied by a teacher or parent helper) attach the cap to the front top edge of the desk to serve as a pencil holder when we aren’t using them. This has greatly cut down on how often I hear someone say they do not have a pencil. There are numerous ways to attach a lanyard … be creatgive…but remember that you will need to easily exchange the pencil when it gets too short. Also be prepared to either have a portable sharpener which you can easily walk to a childs desk for them to use when needed, which also reduces the need to be up out of their seats, or else you will need to make sure the pencil can easily be removed by the child so they can sharpen it, however this will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the lanyard.


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