For the Mothers: 20 Mother/Daughter Date Ideas

Instead of buying yet another toy for your daughter this holiday season, think first of giving them gift of time and your unadulterated attention. Perhaps, you can write some of these date ideas on coupons or cards, and give that instead of more plastic junk that will clutter up your homes.

After all, when you look back at your own childhoods, you remember the moments, not the toys.

Hillary fromBecause My Life is Fascinating created an amazing list of 20 Mommy/Daughter Date ideas:

Obviously, her daughter is smitten with her.


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  1. melissa mayfield says:

    I like to spend the early evenings playing at a frisbee golf course, the batting cages, flying stunt kites with my son, about 2 or 3 times a week, just the two of us and occasionally a friend of his will join us…my son is 12 yrs old and most of the freetime he has he spends on his xbox 360 so I like to get far away from the video games or else he is too preoccupied with getting back to his games to even pay attention to a word I say let alone open up and talk to me…. we have had some of our best conversations during these sporty outings plus he is getting outside and being active which is always a plus…afterwards we usually go for either dinner or desert ….we both are always looking forward to these times and I feel like I have really gotten to know my son …plus its just us so he doesn’t feel the need to compete with his little sister. ;)


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