Winter Door Decorations

Need to jazz up your classroom door to stave off the winter blues?  We’ve rounded up some inspiring classroom door decorations for winter.




Snowflake Snowman from Yearn to Learn

Penguin from Teacher Blog Spot

Stick person from Life of the Liles

Igloo Door via Pinterest {source is missing}

Penguin Slide from Mrs Awbreys’ Gifted News

Snowman from Assessment Grade Madness

 Winter Wonderland from Daily Grace Creations

Chill Out with a Good Book from Kleinspiration

Winter Doilies from The Artful Parent

Ice Skating from Apples and ABC’s

Polar Bear Door from The Butterfly Jungle

Penguin Door from Mrs Hoffer’s Kindergarten


Need more ideas for your classes and homes this winter?

Phew.  That’s a lot of resources.  A one stop shop.
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After all, we are an idea goldmine, right?


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