Leprechaun Trap Craft for Kids

Earlier this week, my 3 year old and I devised a plan to catch the notorious leprechaun.  It involved glue sticks {many glue sticks actually} and glitter.  We used materials from around the house to make a simple leprechaun trap craft for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.

* an old coffee or drink container

*rainbow card stock

* many glue sticks {especially if you are working with the under 5 set}


*coffee filters


*hot glue sticks and gun



  1.  Have your child cover the canister with glue sticks. In our case, it took 4 glue sticks!
  2. Apply 2 inch strips of cardstock in rainbow patters {or scale to the size of your canister}.
  3. Cover cardstock with you guessed it, more glue!
  4. Have your overly excited child dump the glitter while singing leprechaun songs.
  5. After child has lost interest, fold up coffee filters into quarters and hot glue them to the end of the canister, making a “cloud”.  Use a separate hot glue stick to press down the filter so you don’t burn your fingers.
  6. Set trap out, and start hunting for those leprechauns…



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