St. Patrick’s Day Math Ideas for Second Grade

It’s here: A round-up of second grade St. Patrick’s Day math activities that you will never forget! I looked for as many freebies as possible, and for paid products, I kept the activities under three dollars for you.

If you need ideas for second grade literacy with a St. Patrick’s Day theme, it’s your lucky day, the dirty work is done.

St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Activity: How Tall is a Leprechaun?

St Patricks Day Lucky horse shoe Activity: How many horseshoes long am I? 

Congruent and symmetrical shamrocks from A Modern Teacher Via TpT

Leprechaun lengths from Chalk One Up for the Teacher via Tpt

Addition and subtraction word problems from It’s Elementary

Multiplication clover game from Tales from Outside the Classroom

Adding and subtracting with 3′s digits from 2nd Grade Snickerdoodles via TpT 

Working with combinations of 100′s from Math  Minds via TpT

Leprechaun probability from Laura Chandler’s Seasonal Activities via TpT 

Fact families,  multiplication and division from The Teaching Treehouse via TpT

Fern Smith math centers via TpT

Multiplying by 3′s game from Fun Games for Learning via TpT 


As luck would have it, there’s more St. Patty’s Day fun…

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