End of the Year Class Memory Books: First, Second, Third, and Fourth Grade

The end of the year is upon us! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working tirelessly on end of the year class memory books for you all! I created variations of these books for my classrooms in the past.  Now, powered with the goodness that is Photoshop, these class memory books look much more professional than what I whipped up in Microsoft Word a decade ago.

Our magic-themed memory books are 14 pages in total.  The cover is available in both color and black and white.  All of the book pages are black and white for you all to save on ink.  If there is one thing classroom teachers need, it’s a lifetime supply of good printer ink. Plus, the kiddos can then add their creative stamp on them after all the extensive writing they will do in this activity.

Now, here’s the goodies.  For less than a price of a fancy latte at your local coffeeshop, you can be the proud owner of this classroom memory book.  We have first through fourth grade levels available at our little TPT shoppe.  We hope these end of the year books make the last few crazy weeks of school both memorable and fun.


end of the year project

First Grade End of the Year Book here

printable class memory yearbooks

End of the Year 2nd Grade Book here 

end of the year memory book for students

 End of the Year 3rd Grade Book Here

class memory book printable

4th grade End of Year book here.

The b/w pages included in this hand-illustrated pack:

  •  my favorites
  • autographs
  • blank page {in case you have more ideas!}
  • covers in b/w and color
  • class predictions
  • letter to my future grade self
  • magic tricks for future 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders
  • self-portrait
  • teacher page
  • this summer I wish
  • top 5 grade memories
  • when I grow up


end of the school year printable memory book

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p.s.  Karen is working on another really fun end of the school year pack.  Stay tuned!

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