Field Day Activities for kids

Ready to have outdoor field day fun? To complete the end of the school year we have rounded up field day games, relays, and activities that will keep the kids smiling and laughing all day long!

Complete your Field Day Activities with our field day award medals via the classroom creative 

Weather relay game from ALSC blog

Frisbee, football throw from Scholastic

Who can shake out the ping pong balls first? from Invite and Delight

 {more ideas on this site!}

Shower cap Cheeto catch from

Water plunger relay from Teaching Bug

{more water games on her site!}

Cone on cone off from Weiss ice picture courtesy of

Bean bag toss from Makes and Takes

Parachute fun from I Am Modern

Plastic bowling from Meet the Dubien’s

How about a themed field day? Rambling about Reading was super!

This would be a fun rainy day field day activity from 1st Grade Owls

We have more end of the year resources:


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Hope you have a fantastic field day!



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    You have such great ideas on your blog! Laura


  1. [...] 10. Field Day Activities for Kids [...]

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