Christmas Door Decorations

Nothing can be more inviting in December than a Christmas door decoration. Have fun exploring these ideas that I rounded up via the internet!

Christmas ornaments display from The Classroom Creative via TpT 

Holiday Express Train Bulletin Board display with writing prompts via our TpT shoppe

Wrapped door- I like the kids faces pinned by  Jasmine McClain via Pinterest

Oh deer! pinned by  Laura Wade via Pinterest

Elf door pinned by Lauren Dowdy via Pinterest

How many days till Christmas wreath door via Pinterest

Reindeer door pinned by Southern Outdoor Cinema via Pinterest

Reindeer door from Homerevo

Night before Christmas from Giles Middle School

All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth from Home Art blog

Reindeer station from Iron County Medical Facility 

Polar express from Media cache

Gingerbread door decoration from Kinder Hive Home

Santa Elf door from Annette Bierley via Pinterest

We have a very innovative Christmas Tree Life Cycle Writing Activity that uses art to preserve Christmas traditions. It was inspired by a fond childhood memory of mine; shoving our freshly cut  Christmas tree in the back of our wooden paneled station wagon!

Christmas Tree Bulletin Board Ideas

Santa Claus Bulletin Board Ideas

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Merry Christmas!

Karen & Nicolette

4 Responses to Christmas Door Decorations

  1. shanna says:

    how do you get the inflatable deer on the door with only his top half to stay inflatted?

    • Morgan says:

      I love the reindeer idea and I think it will look great!! I have never done it so, I am not sure if my idea will work but it’s worth a shot!! If I were you I would inflate it half way by tying or twisting it half way. Then flatten the bottom half against the door either up or down and try securing it with duct tape maybe? Then cover then remainder of the reindeer with paper surrounding it as shown above….. I hope that this will work for you!!!
      Best wishes,
      Morgan C.

  2. peter says:

    l love the santa cluas door it’sreal neat . I just like it so much

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