Shamrock Cutting Craft Using Simple Shapes

Cutting is an important fine motor skill that builds a child’s hand and eye coordination. Everything can be drawn or cut by breaking down objects into simple shapes. With todays St. Patrick’s Day cutting activity your child will learn to cut curved lined objects to create a shamrock.

Three or four hearts glued together make a shamrock (plus a stem). This cutting activity involves manipulating both hands: one to hold the scissors, the other to turn the paper around the curve of the heart. It stregthen a child’s hand and fine motor capabilities. If you have a beginner cutter, first cut straight lines with them to build cutting confidence. I recommend our stop light freebie as a cutting activity.


  1. I cut the paper into squares.
  2. Fold the paper in half and draw half a heart on the backside of the paper or draw a whole heart on the back side of the paper.
  3. Cut, flip over hearts to disguise guidelines or when cutting make sure to cut on the inside of the heart guidelines.
  4. Glue the 3 or 4 hearts together like a clover/shamrock.
  5. Draw a stem, cut and glue on the shamrock.

We used solid and patterned paper for color and interest!

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Thanks for shamrock cutting!


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