St Patrick’s Day Measurement Activity: How Many Lucky Horse Shoes Long Am I?

Learning measurement can be fun when the activity is interesting! That is why today’s post uses one of the images associated with St Patrick’s Day, the lucky horse shoe! Simple print our free printable lucky horse shoe, to see how many horse shoes long you are. The printable is in color (shown below) and in black and white, incase the kids would like to color their own horse shoes.

  1. Printout the our horse shoes.
  2. Line the floor with the horse shoes.
  3. Have one child lay on the floor next to the horse shoes.
  4. Have another student count the horse shoes and record on a piece of paper. Or create a chart for the classroom and record everyones length!

This would be a perfect supplement to any day filled with St.Patrick’s Day activities!

All of our free printables are for personal/classroom use only.  If you want to feature this activtiy on your blog, please link to the post, and NOT to the PDF.)

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Happy measuring!


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