Classroom Organization: Binder Clip Label (Free Printable)

As teachers and homeschoolers, we all know work can get busy as the school year marches forward.  I am a compulsive piler, so wrangling in “the piles” is a huge part of my classroom organization.  Especially, when I taught middle school in a departmental setting, I had over 100 students, so this system really helped!

I find that it helps to keep our piles organized with binder clips, so I whipped up a free printable to help keep us all in shape this coming school year!

Download the free binder labels here!

We have 100 more labels here! Plus Editable Ones!

In need of organization?  (Who isn’t, right?)

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Happy Organizing!


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16 Responses to Classroom Organization: Binder Clip Label (Free Printable)

  1. Linda Nelson says:

    I actually have a set of these purchased at an office supply store a few years ago… but yours win the cuteness prize hands down! My favorite: Avoid Me! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beatrice Maradona says:

    Thank you for sharing! I wish I had found these earlier in the school year, but no matter, these will be sooo helpful!
    I printed two sets (on the same sheet: I clicked on “2″ copies, printed out the first set, then turned the paper around to get the second set on the same sheet) so that my binder clips have their label visible on both sides.
    Thanks again, have a great second half of the school year and a great 2015!

  3. Just found this pin – your labels are so cute! Thank you for the download! I shared this on my blog:

  4. Caitlin McCleary says:

    This seems like a silly question but did you just print them out onto cardstock and then tape them onto the binder clips? or special label paper?

    Thank you!

    • Nicolette Lennert says:

      Hi! Not a silly question at all…you are not the first to ask!

      Just print them on cardstock, laminate, and tape them to the binder clips. They aren’t standard size, so it’s easier to do it this way. (And cheaper!)


  5. Cairn says:

    Love these! I might have to make some for me and for my children’s teachers.

  6. apryl says:

    Do you have these in an editable form? I use binder clips to label my class cubbies and I would love to be able to write the kids names on them! Thanks in advance!!

  7. Em says:

    I like these a lot but i am confused how to use the “avoid me” and the “etc” clip. I ferl silly asking but hope you will see this and respond. :-)


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