Hello Everyone!

Back when we were both teaching, we dreamed of a website that would make lesson planning easier.  We both remember late nights scouring search engine for unit ideas.

After searching 1000s of blogs and sites, nothing was exactly meeting our vision: creative resources for the overworked teacher or homeschooler! So…this was born.


With the amount of information in search engines, looking for ideas to educate our children is an exhausting process.  The Classroom Creative takes the dirty work out of planning, and give you more time back to work with your children.

We hope this site brings together parents, teachers, and homeschoolers while inspiring curiosity and creativity in your homes and schools.

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This site will keep growing and changing to meet the needs of our hardest working readers: teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and therapists.

Thanks for reading. Come by often.

Thank you,

Nicolette and Karen


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