Upcycled Sunflower Craft

sunflower craft using recycled materials from theclassroomcreative.com

Sunflowers are popular flowers to plant in classroom settings to kick off plant units.  I know my second graders adored planting their sunflower seeds in mini-clay pots.   I thought this sunflower craft idea, using packing peanuts and simple materials, would be a great finishing project for all your plant units!  Reusing or “upcycling” as [...]

Weather Words Interactive Anchor Chart

weather unit idea-weather anchor chart using weather vocabulary word wall cards from theclassroomcreative.com

Weather units are a critical part of a primary grade classroom’s science curriculum.  Anchor charts are used universally in homeschools and classrooms, but we here at The Classroom Creative think that these classroom must-haves need a twist: they should be interactive. By making anchor charts interactive, students manipulate the words as opposed to static anchor [...]

Free Spring Haiku Lesson and Template

haiku lesson ideas and free printable

April is National Poetry Month! So, get your classrooms and homeschools fired up about poetry with haikus (which I consider a “gateway” poem).  Haikus, unlike many forms of poetry, are simple in structure and form, and are easy for kids to adapt with limited language.  My first and second graders really enjoyed writing their haikus [...]

Easter Egg Sight Word Hunt with Free Printable

free printables easter egg sight word scavenger hunt

With Easter quickly approaching, we created a fun and of course, educational sight word game for your homeschools and classrooms: an Easter Egg Sight Word Hunt! Using the printable below, simply fill your easter eggs with sight words, and send the students off to hunt for them. This is a perfect activity for this time [...]

Insect Unit Idea: Interactive Insect Vocabulary Anchor Chart

insect unit anchor chart

Spring is here, so it means insect units are taking over science classes across the world! Anchor charts are used for nearly every subject and idea in the classroom, but we here at The Classroom Creative think that these classroom must-haves need a twist: they should be interactive. My oldest son used the PECS system [...]

Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

earth day bulletin board ideas

Earth Day is just a few weeks away.  Celebrate in your classrooms and homeschools with an inventive Earth Day bulletin board or classroom display! Here’s a few ideas to inspire you for Earth Day over the next few weeks.  Let us know if you make something interesting for Earth Day.  We’d love to feature your [...]

Dinosaur Easter Egg Craft

dinosaur egg craft for kids from theclassroomcreative.com

I credit this dinosaur craft idea to my youngest son who is currently entering a dinosaur phase, er…OBSESSION.  He took some plastic Easter eggs I bought for another project and assembled a whole village of dinosaur parents and their babies, complete with a paper plate picnic and “food” (stuffing from my new pillows). Nothing in [...]

Creating an Ideal Home Environment for Young Readers


Every room in my home is filled with books. Believe it or not, so is my car! My youngest son drags his favorites each morning before school and reads while I drive.  I really have NO idea how he can do this, because I can’t be in a moving vehicle while reading. Point being, ENVIRONMENT [...]

Free Printable Bunny Mask & Paper Plate Craft

free printable bunny mask craft

Need a quick kids’ craft for spring? How about this adorable and FREE printable bunny mask?  This spring paper plate craft combines some fine motor work with pretend play. In a world of common core stress, it’s high time we put some much needed creative fun back in childhood.  After all, a child’s work is [...]

Tip for Reading to Children: A Must for Every Parent!

how to read to children-one small change every parent can make tonight to improve their children's readng

During our bedtime routine when my sons were really young, I had to school my husband on the importance of pointing underneath each word while reading aloud. As a teacher, it seemed obvious to me to do this.  Since then, I’ve watched many of my family and friends read to their children over the years, [...]

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