Back to School Tip: DIY Classroom and Homeschool Storage

classroom storage secret-DIY, cute, and afforadable! I made 20 boxes for less than $20!

Whether you homeschool or have a classroom of 30, educators amass a lot of stuff! Our classrooms need to have systems to run smoothly! Without decent classroom storage, there is chaos.  Problem being, storage can get pricey.  So, armed with a few materials, you can customize your storage boxes to match your classrooms and homes [...]

Classroom Management Idea: Free Printable Student Helper Job

student helper classroom job

We all know that kids can be exhausting, so why not put them to work? One simple way to help manage your classroom is to assign a student to a certain task. I created a free student helper printable for one student to have for the day to utilized this idea. Assigning students classroom jobs [...]

Classroom Management Idea: Thursday Folder System and Free Printable

thursday folder system with free printable sign off sheet

The classroom management nightmare of paper begins in just a few weeks. There is a great chance, as a classroom teacher, you are indundated with papers from the office: box tops letters, fundraisers, letters from PTA/LSC, and other announcements.  On top of that, there’s all the returned graded work! The paper trail for new teachers [...]

Classroom Management Idea: Free Printable Absent Folder Covers

absent folder cover for the classroom

Absent students require a strong classroom management system in place no matter what grade you teach.  Using absent work folders is critical to stay organized when it comes to students’ absences. Today’s freebie is a cover for your absent folders: “While you were out…”. After you take attendance, simply place the absent folder on the [...]

Classroom Organization: Binder Clip Label (Free Printable)

free printable binder clip labels-classroom organization idea

As teachers and homeschoolers, we all know work can get busy as the school year marches forward.  I am a compulsive piler, so wrangling in “the piles” is a huge part of my classroom organization.  Especially, when I taught middle school in a departmental setting, I had over 100 students, so this system really helped! [...]

Classroom Center Labels

classrom Center Labels and station labels

Classroom labels are a must-have to create a print-rich environment and keep the classroom organized. These center labels are available in two different sizes: small and large. Use the small center labels in your pocket chart to organize your students into groups during center rotations. Display the large center labels above your centers. Here is a [...]

Classroom Organizing Idea: Teacher Toolbox for Supplies

classroom organizing idea-teacher toolbox

Classroom organization begins with strong systems.  Most of us are placed in classrooms with little to no resources to help! I know my first few years in the classroom were incredibly overwhelming. The first school I worked in had terrible storage, so I truly had to improvise making “something from nothing”.   I had a [...]

Free Printable Classroom Bin Sign: Turn in your work here!

file folder idea

Need a way to organize all those papers that your students complete? Grab a file folder bin and print out our cute “Turn in work here” sign. The marquee sign is big and bold, so your students can’t miss it!  Plus, teaching them to file and organize their own papers makes your life easier! I like to [...]

Back to School Idea: I Can Do It Jar (with free printable)

back to school idea- I Can Do It Jar- includes free printable label from

Toward the end of last school year, my son’s teacher had her class do a project that I just had to share here: the “I Can Do It” Jar. My son loved thinking of all the things he could do like feed his dog, write his name, and read a book. This activity makes perfect [...]

Zoo Animal Hat: Zebra Style!

zebra hat

No animal has more of a distinctive coat than the zebra! Today’s craft is about recreating those fingerprint-like stripes into a mohawk zebra hat mask! Below are my guided instructions to create this easy zoo creature.  It’s prefect for pretend play. My kids enjoyed braying like zebras all afternoon! white cardboard or newspaper scissor black [...]

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