Easter Egg Suncatchers Craft for Kids

upcycled Easter egg sun catchers craft for kids

For April, Earth Day, and Easter I decided to create upcycled Easter egg suncatchers. All you need is a few items and lots of sun. I love things that sparkle when the sun shines through them. Plus they look cute hanging in your window when the relatives come over for Easter! thin cardboard boxes  gold spray [...]

Upcycled Sunflower Craft

sunflower craft using recycled materials from theclassroomcreative.com

Sunflowers are popular flowers to plant in classroom settings to kick off plant units.  I know my second graders adored planting their sunflower seeds in mini-clay pots.   I thought this sunflower craft idea, using packing peanuts and simple materials, would be a great finishing project for all your plant units!  Reusing or “upcycling” as [...]

Easter Bunny Paw Prints: Free Printable

free printable spring Easter bunny rabbit feet

To make the Easter bunny feel genuine and seem like he really did stop by our house, I drew up free printable rabbit feet.  These rabbit paw prints can be used in more than one way. Besides using them to trail away from your child’s Easter basket use them to start an Easter egg scavenger [...]

Weather Words Interactive Anchor Chart

weather unit idea-weather anchor chart using weather vocabulary word wall cards from theclassroomcreative.com

Weather units are a critical part of a primary grade classroom’s science curriculum.  Anchor charts are used universally in homeschools and classrooms, but we here at The Classroom Creative think that these classroom must-haves need a twist: they should be interactive. By making anchor charts interactive, students manipulate the words as opposed to static anchor [...]

Free Spring Haiku Lesson and Template

haiku lesson ideas and free printable

April is National Poetry Month! So, get your classrooms and homeschools fired up about poetry with haikus (which I consider a “gateway” poem).  Haikus, unlike many forms of poetry, are simple in structure and form, and are easy for kids to adapt with limited language.  My first and second graders really enjoyed writing their haikus [...]

Easter Egg Sight Word Hunt with Free Printable

free printables easter egg sight word scavenger hunt

With Easter quickly approaching, we created a fun and of course, educational sight word game for your homeschools and classrooms: an Easter Egg Sight Word Hunt! Using the printable below, simply fill your easter eggs with sight words, and send the students off to hunt for them. This is a perfect activity for this time [...]

Textured Goose Art Project for Kids

free printable textured goose duck art project craft for kids

Spring brings to sight many baby animals. Fuzzy ducklings and ruffled goslings to name a few. These wonderfully textured creatures can come alive in art using a few easy techniques. Today’s textured goose craft is created by using paper. Flat pieces of paper can become three-dimensional simply by cutting, ripping, folding, scrunching or curling the [...]

Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft

caterpillar paper plate craft for kids activity

The life cycle of the butterfly is a very popular insect unit among the primary grades. This caterpillar paper plate inspired craft would complement such a unit. We read my daughter’s favorite spring book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar for inspiration. Bring the life cycle of the butterfly alive by starting with this caterpillar paper plate craft.  I [...]

Chick Paper Plate Craft

chick paper plate craft for kids spring activity

As an art teacher to preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, I have made my fair share of paper plate crafts. The best part about paper plates is their endless possibilities! Although it’s still below freezing outside, I thought I could will spring’s return with a chick paper plate craft. It also gave me the opportunity [...]

Insect Unit Idea: Interactive Insect Vocabulary Anchor Chart

insect unit anchor chart

Spring is here, so it means insect units are taking over science classes across the world! Anchor charts are used for nearly every subject and idea in the classroom, but we here at The Classroom Creative think that these classroom must-haves need a twist: they should be interactive. My oldest son used the PECS system [...]

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